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A Soundtrack for Our Lady of the Various Sorrows

Nick Cave with a cigaretteWhere Leonard Cohen was my muse for Who by Water, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have been my deep well for Our Lady of the Various Sorrows. Each of them have been nearly lifelong companions to the point I can’t remember what song I heard first or when exactly. Both write lyrics that stay with me for days, in a good way, not like an incessant earworm.

The playlist also contains a hint for the title of book three. I’m itching to get started but I’ve found I have to finish one story completely before it gets its hooks out of me and I can move onto the next thing.

Advance reader copies of Our Lady of the Various Sorrows will be available at the Southern Festival of Books. The final release date will most likely be in November.

As before, availability of tracks on various platforms altered the lists a bit. The White Stripes cover of “Jolene” isn’t available on Spotify so I threw in a little Cake. It isn’t the Dolly Parton-penned song, but it’s fitting in its own way.

Soundtrack for Our Lady of the Various Sorrows


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