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Hey, It’s a Book Thing

There’s a cover!

(I’m not saying there’s video of me jumping up and down with excitement anywhere, but there could be.)

And, there are book launch events scheduled and getting scheduled.

If you’d like to know when I’ll be out in the world showing off my new baby like this:

You can sign up for the Dead Letter Office Newsletter on the side over there. I promise not to spam the crap out of you. I’ll just let you know when there are book events, releases, etc.

But wait there’s more!

If you sign up for the newsletter before February 15th (it was my Dad’s birthday so it seems like a good time to do something that feels auspicious – at least to me), you’ll receive a teaser chapter in the┬ánewsletter premier. You’ll also receive my immense gratitude for your support, though that is admittedly harder to quantify.

If you’d like even more of my gratitude, you can share the link to this post with your friends, family, and friendly strangers who like to read urban fantasy or books set in Slovenia or just like to buy and read books.

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