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Welcome, reader friends.

The Renegade Tea Cookbook is almost here!

February 26, 2021, it will be available everywhere books are sold, but you can preorder your copy direct from 1000Volt Press now. Everyone who preorders will receive a signed hardback copy of the book, some Voices of the Dead swag, and be entered in a drawing to receive your own spice hoard with many of the more difficult to find herbs featured in the recipes. 


Craving a scone and a cuppa with a side of graffiti art? Feed your curiosity and your hunger with Renegade Tea’s best recipes for staying warm on a chilly day or kicking back with the Ramones on repeat.

Raschke draws on her experience as a culinary instructor and caterer to bring the menu and daily specials of Renegade Tea to life with helpful hints for novice and advanced cooks, including a quick-glance guide for brewing tea.

Recipes include teahouse favorites like Jo’s decadent brownies and Fred’s transformative soups with influences from the Southern U.S. to India. You’ll also find a few witchy tips and staff updates along the way.

Put your apron on, crank up your favorite punk playlist, and let’s make some culinary magic!

Preorder (hard cover only)